Terms and Conditions

SwiftSole is not liable for any purchases or actions due to customer usage of the software. By purchasing and using SwiftSole you accept responsibility for any purchases that you make via the software.

Any attempt to reverse engineer or distribute our software (or any other form of intellectual property) without permission will result in immediate termination of your key without refund and may result in legal action being taken against you.

All SwiftSole products are non-refundable digital products and do not guarantee you success, however drastically increase your chances of being successful limited releases. By purchasing SwiftSole, you acknowledge that the product is non-refundable, and any chargeback requests will be viewed as fraudulent and treated as such. Customer is held liable for any fees associated with refunds, no exceptions made. No warranties and/or guarantees to the lifetime of the product. All purchases final. Only compatible with iOS mobile devices.

The discord support server is a privilege, and if you break any rules, you will be banned and are not subject to a refund.